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Process Oriented Family Therapy

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Family therapy looks at communication and relationship dynamics between family members and aims to create new meaningful change for all involved

The process oriented family therapy approach looks at the family as a whole and how people interact. In each family there is a variation of roles that people play.

These roles could be: caretaker, provider, rule maker, rebel, mediator, reliable, unreliable, practical, creative, extravert, introvert, needy, problem solver, etc.

Some roles come more naturally to us because of our personality makeup, or because we have learned them in family of origin.  By holding on to a status quo in a family member can get stuck in a role and resent having to keep playing this role.

Some roles are perceived as more popular then others. Sometimes within a more difficult role there is a message that everybody needs in order for the whole family to change.

Family therapy can help by acknowledging everybodys strenghts, finding family patterns and working towards change.

Through listening to each other’s experiences and processing conflict in a different way, change of perception, respect or understanding for everybody can happen.

(See also page for Relationship and Couple work)


These are some of the things you might learn and experience when you come to family therapy:

  • Finding new ways to process conflict

  • Finding out what role you play in the family dynamic

  • More listening skills

  • Seeing each other's point of view

  • Respect for all members

  • Hearing feedback and needing to make a change

  • Creating a respectful atmosphere

  • Finding a voice and stating your point of view whilst being respectful to others views and experiences

  • Appreciating the positive and pointing out the difficult aspects of the family

  • Giving each other feedback (positive and negative)

  • Learning new ways of communication

  • Learning from each other

  • Becoming more fluid in changing roles so as not to get stuck in them


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Counsellor and Coach, Silvia Camastral ph.d

Silvia Camastral is a process-oriented psychotherapist with over 20 years of counselling experience. 

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