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Article - Training in Process Oriented Psychology

(also known as ‘Process Work’)

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What is Process Oriented Psychology?

Process Oriented Psychology is experiential psychotherapy using a cross-cultural approach to life that follows the wisdom of nature. 

Who teaches it?

Process Work Australia ( offers two courses (see below). 

However, it is recommended that you get some experience with Process Work through attending a seminar, workshop or series of classes beforehand.

Certificate – 2 Years

The Certificate program is a synthesis of experiential work and theoretical training in the basics of Process Work.

Diploma – 4 Years

The Diploma program has two parts, the first one focusing on underpinning theory and wide comparative reading, which leads to a set of exams. The second part is mainly practical and personal work, including internship and practicing skills with clients, leading to a final exam process.

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The Australian and New Zealand faculty consist of 14 faculty members that train students in various locations around Australia.

For a list and contact details, please e-mail Silvia

Silvia Camastral is a senior faculty member of the Australian training program and also teaches within the Swiss training program

Overseas Study

Process Oriented Psychology can be studied in various countries - (see: Link Directory).

The Process Work Institute of Portland
A particularly popular program is administered by the Process Work Institute of Portland, offering several training programs, including a 4-year Diploma in Process Oriented Psychology, a Masters program and a Masters of Conflict resolution


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