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Article - Training in Process Oriented Psychology

(also known as ‘Process Work’)

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What is Process Oriented Psychology?

Process Oriented Psychology is experiential psychotherapy using a cross-cultural approach to life that follows the wisdom of nature. 

Who teaches it?

Process Work Australia (www.processworkaustralia.org.au) offers two courses (see below). 

However, it is recommended that you get some experience with Process Work through attending a seminar, workshop or series of classes beforehand.

Certificate – 2 Years

The Certificate program is a synthesis of experiential work and theoretical training in the basics of Process Work.

Diploma – 4 Years

The Diploma program has two parts, the first one focusing on underpinning theory and wide comparative reading, which leads to a set of exams. The second part is mainly practical and personal work, including internship and practicing skills with clients, leading to a final exam process.

More info: http://www.processworkaustralia.org.au/training.htm


The Australian and New Zealand faculty consist of 14 faculty members that train students in various locations around Australia.

For a list and contact details, please e-mail Silvia

Silvia Camastral is a senior faculty member of the Australian training program and also teaches within the Swiss training program http://www.prozessarbeit.ch

Overseas Study

Process Oriented Psychology can be studied in various countries - (see: Link Directory).

The Process Work Institute of Portland

A particularly popular program is administered by the Process Work Institute of Portland, offering several training programs, including a 4-year Diploma in Process Oriented Psychology, a Masters program and a Masters of Conflict resolution

(see: Link Directory).


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Counsellor and Coach, Silvia Camastral ph.d

Silvia Camastral is a process-oriented psychotherapist with over 20 years of counselling experience. 

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