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Inner Work In Session


Therapists are not blank canvases. We work in a shared field with our clients, where valuable information about a client’s process manifests through our own inner feelings and experiences, and where sometimes our own ‘stuff’ gets triggered.

Learning the skills to work with your own inner experiences as they arise in session, and then turn them into powerful therapeutic interventions, not only gives you access to a valuable source of information about your client’s process, but opens the door to more creative and powerful interventions.

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*This course is eligible for professional development points with most psycho-therapeutic professional associations including PACFA and ACA.

Your Creative Practice - A 12-WEEK ONLINE COURSE

Starting in the week of 19 August until the week of 4 November 2019

Finding a connection to your creativity and inner wisdom by using Process Oriented inner work awareness exercises, daily free writing and walking, and weekly Zoom meetings for guidance and support.

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Processing your “Stuff” - Professional Development for counsellors psychologists and Helping Professionals - 2019
Co-facilitated by Silvia Camastral & William Diplock
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Monthly Clinical Group Supervision

If you are a counsellor, psychotherapist, social worker or psychologist, this could be the group for you.

A Self-Care Day:

Come, create and play with Beads
This is a day to give to yourself for those of you who give so much to others.
For anyone who is stressed and overworked, who wants to rejuvenate themselves and get immersed in the creative process in the company of others within a small group.
This is not your usual self-care day, it’s a day to care for yourself without thinking of work or outcome, but to let go a little - let the creative process take over as you immerse yourself to see what emerges when you let yourself play.

Date: To be advised
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A Self-Care Day



Counsellor and Coach, Silvia Camastral ph.d

Silvia Camastral is a process-oriented psychotherapist with over 20 years of counselling experience. 

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