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Practitioner Workshops 2023

Group Supervision with Dr Silvia Camastral

Small group supervision for therapists from all modalities.

Why do group supervision?

  • an opportunity to meet and connect with other therapists thereby helping to reduce the experience of isolation many therapists face in their work
  • benefit from the diverse case presentations and questions other therapists bring; topics and ways of thinking that may not otherwise emerge in individual supervision
  • group supervision can be used to fulfil your professional body’s annual supervision requirements (the group is limited to six supervisees to ensure compliance).  

The skilful conversation

Understanding how the structure of language works – how it can help or hinder clients to go deeper in their process – is essential in therapy. Small tweaks to how we understand and use language and paralanguage can make all the difference.

Working at the edge of the unknown

Transformation and growth happen in therapy when clients are supported to work at the edge of the unknown. Staying in the known is comfortable but no growth happens. But go too far into the unknown and it’s not safe enough for growth.

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Counsellor and Coach, Silvia Camastral ph.d


Silvia Camastral is a process-oriented psychotherapist with over 20 years of counselling experience. 

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